the design process

A lot folks when wanting to have their landscape redesigned don't know where to start. That's no problem either, that's what we're here for! We take on your projects big & small, but to truly get the most out of your investment, the work starts with the owner first. 

Things to think about before contacting a designer:

1.) What do I want to do with the space?

2.) What do I have for a budget?

3.) Are there any landscapes I've seen that I like the look of?

You don't have to have these 100% figure out, but its a helpful start for our designers when beginning to create your new space.  What we then do is figure out what your wants & needs are, and how we can best utilize the existing space to fit the vision in your head. 

We'll ask you questions like:

1.) What do see yourself using the space for most? Entertaining, relaxing, gardening, etc.

2.) What kind of outdoor furniture will you have, if any?

3.) What colors do you like, and are attracted to?

4.) What features in your yard are you thinking about? Patio, firepit, walkway, etc.

5.) What area of the yard are you looking to have worked on?

Our job is to be thorough, so that's a start of what helps us create the vision for you landscape. From there, we'll go to the drawing board. An initial 3D concept NOT TO SCALE is created to let you visualize what we'll build. Once design is approved, we can give you a price,  and with approval of the project we get a 2D schematic drawn up for crews, and you're on the schedule. Sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen!

Ready to get started?

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