Our Team

 Valley Outdoor Design is a family operated landscape firm headed by founder, Greg Parachojuk. Our team brings years of experience to the table to guarantee our clients the best service we can offer. 

Our Passion

 Its evident in our work that THIS is what we love to do! We give our clients every reason to come back year, after year. From patio building to mulch, taking care of your property is our biggest priority. 

Our Goal

 Our biggest concern is bringing our clients the most value possible within every interaction. Let us show you what its like to work with a company that treats you how you'd treat you. 

Our story

"Outdoor Passion." That's our motto, slogan, and words that we live by. My family has been outdoorsmen for generations loving to hike, fish, hunt, camp, ski, you name it. So when I founded Valley Outdoor Design in 2017 it wasn't a surprise that someone who loved the outdoors so much would create a landscape company.  I've always awed at the beauty of the natural world, and how amazing of a creator Mother Nature truly is. We design amazing landscapes, but the real credit goes to her. 

Our goal is to bring joy to our customers through services like mowing & cleanups to full scale yard renovations, so that you can enjoy your outdoors more and worry less about maintaining and building it. We bring Outdoor Passion to every job and detail. To us this is more than a job, or a business; this is our duty.  

- Greg Parachojuk, CEO & Designer

Meet the team!

Greg Parachojuk, CEO & Designer


Greg started Valley Outdoor Design in August of 2017. What started as a summer job blossomed into a passion for landscaping, and eventually a family owned business. He drives the day to day operations, and the designs for our customers' landscapes!

Errol Parachojuk, CFO


Errol is the man keeping the business running smoothly! After an early retirement he came onto the company with Greg, and turned it into a family enterprise.  Errol works to keep the wheels moving, and the business on track!

David Parachojuk, Managing Foreman


Not only our lead foreman, David is a current member of the Massachusetts National Guard. While currently serving in Georgia, you'll see him on our jobsites this year!